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Basic services of the company Cobit are divided into two main branches: visual communication and programming.

As representatives of brands POINTKIOSK, FRIENDLYWAY and IMOTION Cobit can offer over 80 different types of indoor and outdoor  kiosks  systems for digital advertising and interactive communications. Information kiosks can be equipped with software  adjusted according to the client's requirements.

Cobit advertising network is a system that we built for online advertising and marketing. We offer installation of banners with the possibility of redirect to clients websites. Complex system for advertising  enables precise owerview according to the variety of criteria. If you are interested in advertising in "Cobit Ad Network" ask us for a quote.


CobitSTREM is a service that enables you to download video and audio over the Internet in real time. For more information contact us.

Web Design
Corporate identity
Exhibition stand


Online store
Online forms
Monitoring of Communications - mailing lists
Systems to communicate with customers
CMS Content Management
Custom made applications

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Cobit Advertising Network

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