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About Cobit

O podjetju

Company COBIT was founded in 2002. It was based on years of experiences in the field of graphic design, advertising and preparation for printing. Marked by  the rapid development of Internet and new business opportunities  COBIT began to specialize in information technology, which today represents the primary activity of the company.


Other core  business activity is web design, including conceptual approach and graphic design, both upgraded by creativity and programming knowledge team to ensure that ideas become tangible.



COBIT company will be continuously growing knowledge-based company, in which a highly qualified staff from all over Europe will be joined on the mission to make better products. COBIT will represent the space of  integration of knowledge, personal skills and pushing the boundaries of possibility forward. COBIT  will invest in the development and gave an opportunity to challenge the young, bold, enterprising programmers and designers. Employees of the COBIT company will dictate the pace of development and guidance in the programming environment and design world.

COBIT will be family-friendly company, which encouraged the  employees  to personal growth, creativity and development, offers the security and provides a decent living. At  the company COBIT all employees co-create the future of the company, contribute to its growth and development and are responsible for the field of work, where they are the best.

COBIT develops superior products which enables  business partners to be ahead of time and competition. Business partners of COBIT get more than just a product: they get a superior product, positive energy, a team that takes care of the partner company and supports their development and progress.



We are a socially responsible company, which recognizes the interdependence of the broader social environment, we want to help create this environment in a way that supports environmental projects and help the socially disadvantaged.

We are the company responsible to its business partners, so we operate on the principle of good business relationships that we build for the long term and in the full sense of the word "partner". Our business partners know that COBIT  always identifies with the problems of their clients in order to  get the best integrated visual images and on the field of the  IT solutions.COBIT are beautiful and smart products.

We are the company responsible to its employees and their families, so we operate on the principle that any person employed by the company can offer only the best when it feels safe, has room for personal growth and development and decent wage for their work.

We are a company in which employees in their work are not cramped, but are challenged to develop their innate curiosity, playfulness and desire for knowledge. Our company believes that employees are its greatest asset.

We are a company guided by the principle that the goal is not profit at all costs but profit is the result of a fair approach to employees, to its business partners and the environment.


The COBIT team cares for a partner company with knowledge, reliability and competence and helps them to overcome  competitors on the global market.


O podjetju


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